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S-Stop Looking At Me Like That... by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan S-Stop Looking At Me Like That... :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 3 16 Sleepless Nights...Tortured Days... by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan
Mature content
Sleepless Nights...Tortured Days... :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 1 0
H-Hey Mom...I Came To Talk For Awhile... by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan H-Hey Mom...I Came To Talk For Awhile... :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 7 57 Lizard Skeleton Adopt (OTA) by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan Lizard Skeleton Adopt (OTA) :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 3 14 Demon Goat Adopt (OTA) (CLOSED) by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan Demon Goat Adopt (OTA) (CLOSED) :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 7 19 NaJ/Nerd And Jock Stripes  by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan NaJ/Nerd And Jock Stripes :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 14 6 Underfell/Fell!Stripes by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan Underfell/Fell!Stripes :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 8 5 Underfresh/Fresh!Stripes by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan Underfresh/Fresh!Stripes :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 9 2 Random Mini Comic [2/2] by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan
Mature content
Random Mini Comic [2/2] :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 5 6
Random Mini Comic [1/2] by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan
Mature content
Random Mini Comic [1/2] :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 2 0
A Nice Relaxing Day At The Lake...? by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan A Nice Relaxing Day At The Lake...? :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 5 3 Stripes Again (Inked And Colored) by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan
Mature content
Stripes Again (Inked And Colored) :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 5 16
Stripes Again by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan
Mature content
Stripes Again :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 2 0
Underlust/Lust!Stripes by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan Underlust/Lust!Stripes :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 9 15
Creepypasta OC: The Animal
Full name: Jay Lee
Nicknames: Fur (for his love of animals)
Creepypasta name: The Animal
How they got this name: because of how he got mutated
Case name (if they have one): N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Species: Human/lizard/bear
Height: 6ft 8in
Weight: 78lb
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: N/A
Country of origin: France
Languages spoken: French, English
Personality: cold, a loner, cocky, is pretty kind even though it doesn't seem like it
Skin colour: off white
Face shape: what a normal human face shape would be like
Face: is rather normal
Hair colour: brownish black
Hair style: unkempt
Hair length: a little bit down his back
Eye colour: green
Eye shape: rather slender and kinda like squashed ovals
Eyebrows: a bit thick and fuzzy
Eyelashes: normal human ones
Lips: has a bear muzzle for his mouth
Nose: bear nose at the end of the muzzle
Body figure: rather long and lanky, arms are covered in scales and hands are bear paws, legs covered in scales, feet are nor
:iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 5 5
Horrortale Stripes by Ki-Akushu-Bakudan Horrortale Stripes :iconki-akushu-bakudan:Ki-Akushu-Bakudan 13 27


Ay look its freshhhh by xXNeonDemonXx Ay look its freshhhh :iconxxneondemonxx:xXNeonDemonXx 9 22 Friday is going to be a good day by cosenza987 Friday is going to be a good day :iconcosenza987:cosenza987 600 166 Starry-eyed by TheGrinningKitten Starry-eyed :iconthegrinningkitten:TheGrinningKitten 46 9 Scarf club by TheGrinningKitten Scarf club :iconthegrinningkitten:TheGrinningKitten 29 5 Live audience by TheGrinningKitten Live audience :iconthegrinningkitten:TheGrinningKitten 27 6 huh... by Asvoria21 huh... :iconasvoria21:Asvoria21 24 15 Masky and Hoody by Asvoria21 Masky and Hoody :iconasvoria21:Asvoria21 207 34 Horrortale!Stripes by CookiesAndCreamMC Horrortale!Stripes :iconcookiesandcreammc:CookiesAndCreamMC 6 2 Stripes the Skunk-Skeleton-Goopy Monster Hybrid??? by CookiesAndCreamMC Stripes the Skunk-Skeleton-Goopy Monster Hybrid??? :iconcookiesandcreammc:CookiesAndCreamMC 8 6 Masky And Hoody by MikoLol Masky And Hoody :iconmikolol:MikoLol 701 113 -:- you're only mine hoody -:- by kari-nekochan -:- you're only mine hoody -:- :iconkari-nekochan:kari-nekochan 528 89 Masky aaand Hoody :3 by Hagyr Masky aaand Hoody :3 :iconhagyr:Hagyr 577 43 Fan Homicidal Liu Jeff by Ashiva-K-I Fan Homicidal Liu Jeff :iconashiva-k-i:Ashiva-K-I 416 38 Masky by Aletheiya Masky :iconaletheiya:Aletheiya 1,137 223 Masky and Hoody by Ren-Ravie Masky and Hoody :iconren-ravie:Ren-Ravie 1,585 207 Masky by KohakuFox Masky :iconkohakufox:KohakuFox 201 39



S-Stop Looking At Me Like That...
I blame :iconmatthewtails: completely for this idea xD

But yeah it's NaJ Stripes (god I can't stop drawing him now) in a playboy bunny suit, yes he still has his tails but their inside the suit xD
Sleepless Nights...Tortured Days...
*this was my one wanted me...said I was a freak...until I end it quickly...

This isn't a vent...I just wanted to try something...its NaJ Stripes again...idk why I'm drawing this shit now...
H-Hey Mom...I Came To Talk For Awhile...
I was on a drive before and this just came to mind...and yes NaJ Stripes did lose his mother awhile ago, he still goes to talk to her every now and again
Lizard Skeleton Adopt (OTA)
What I'll accept:
Lowest I'll take is 20 :points: (I really like him) and the highest I'll take is 70 :points:
(Another Nerd and Jock UT AU one, if you ain't sure on what the AU is just look it up)

You had been at your new college for a few days now, you where in the library studying for a test, it was like it normally was, quiet, even more quiet then usual considering that there was no one except you and the librarian there, the librarian's name was Goth, he wore what looked like a cloak/jacket thing along with black pants and a pair of reading glasses, he was just sitting there reading like he normally does, after a few minutes of reading, a loud, rather deep sounding growl breaks the silence, it seemed to have came from Goth's direction, he had a light purple blush on his face but he tried to ignore it (start)

(Same as last time, OC's allowed, 18+ in notes, and as the starter shows it's a kink based one)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
hi there ^^ I'm just a 15 year old female who likes to draw and write stuff, I don't draw a lot or write as much as I used to but I do try xD
feel free to note me if you would like to talk ^^

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Pokemon Commissions
Comic Book and I can do Sketchs too

Sketch: 5 points
Marker: 10 points
Pencil: 10 points
Pastel: 10 points
Paint: 10 points
Comic Book: 20 points (it's the most expensive because it's the hardest for me to draw)

What I Can Do:
Specific Colors
Any Pokemon

What I Can't Do:
Fetishes (I suck at it)
Specific Poses

Put points in the donation pool, note me the details and If you're a good friend I'll make a expectation ;3 


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